Welcome to the MOMS Club® of Clarksville, MD. We are part of the only
international support group specifically for the stay@home mom. The MOMS Club philosophy is that staying home to raise our children is a fulfilling full-time job! In fact, we think this is the most important job any mother can choose!The MOMS Club was started in the fall of 1983 by our founder Mary B. James. The first local chapter was in SemiValley, California. Word spread about the wonderful support that the MOMS Club offers stay@home mothers, and we became a national organization in 1985 and an international one in 1986. Now we have over 2100 local chapters with 110,000+ members in the US alone.

With the MOMS Club, you will have enriching activities for you and your children, during the day when you most need the support. And remember, with the MOMS Club, you can participate and bring your children along! We believe that having children around is a natural part of being a mother. Having children and choosing to raise them should not isolate a stay@home mom.

The MOMS Club is a wonderful way to meet other stay@home mothers who share your interests and concerns. Our chapter hosts monthly meetings (Socials) and during this time moms have an opportunity to talk to other moms, share experiences and enjoy a few laughs while our children play in a secured and supervised environment. We offer daily, weekly and monthly activities for moms and their children as well as a monthly Moms Night Out (MNO). All activities, except MNO, are held during the day so as to not interfere with precious family time. We sponsor playgroups, babysitting co-op and other activity groups such as book, cooking and health & fitness clubs, and perform uplifting service projects to help needy children in our community.

Our volunteers are what make the MOMS Club of Clarksville, Md terrific! We have an Executive Board with a President, Administrate VP, Membership VP, Secretary and a Treasurer as well as many committee and club leadership positions. We offer a monthly newsletter and weekly previews of our activities.

Hopefully you will take a moment and contact our Membership VP to see what we can offer you - Moms Offering Moms Support at momsclubofclarksvillemd@yahoo.com.